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Project name 2

2 Year Warranty

Project name 3

83 MPG

A revolutionary new mode of transportation

The Auto Moto comes fully loaded with a 150cc engine and automatic transmission that gets 83 mpg with a top speed of 50 mph.





All Auto Moto scooters come with a 2 year limited parts and labor warranty.

Dealer Responsibilities

Dealer will perform warranty repairs at no charge to the customer for parts and labor covered by the warranty.

Auto Moto's Responsibilities

Auto Moto will supply the dealer with new parts in a timely manner for all warranty repairs and reimburse the dealer for all parts and labor for warranty repairs.

Owner Responsibilities

Owner must properly operate, maintain and care for the vehicle as outlined in the owner's manual. Owner must follow the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the owner's manual.

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  • The Auto Moto is currently undergoing testing for the EPA guidelines - We will not be taking orders for new scooters until the testing has completed and the scooters have been approved for Import. We appreciate your patience during this time!

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